Walden Farms Products now available in South Africa.
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Great taste, no calories – we use only the finest ingredients in Walden Farms Specialties.

Concentrated Natural Flavors. 

Walden Farms irresistibly sweet Near Zero calorie specialties are prepared with real fruit extracts, concentrated natural flavors, rich cocoa and other natural flavorings, all sweetened with Splenda. Our savory specialties are made with hundreds of freshly ground herbs and spices, concentrated natural flavors and the finest aged imported and domestic vinegars. See for yourself.

Walden Farms offer a range of delicious sauces, toppings, dips, salad dressings and marinades to complement your favourite healthy foods.  Walden Farms can be enjoyed completely  Guilt Free  because each serve has less than 5 calories, and is low in fat, sugar, and carbohydrates. 

Walden Farms is also gluten free and made with natural flavours, so you can be sure that enjoying Walden Farms is good for your health and for your waistline! 

Add some oomph to your healthy eating plan today by adding Walden Farms products… And feel completely confident that you are

Making healthy taste delicious… Guilt Free

Walden Farms is a range of sauces, marinades, dips and dressings offering unique weight management benefits.

All products in the Walden Farms range are:


Near Zero Calories


Gluten Free


Near Zero Fat


Dairy Free


Near Zero Sugar


Made with natural flavors


Near Zero Carbs



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